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(nPOPuk ver 2.16)

Page updated 10 September 2010

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[Top]   Writing a new email

Note: For more details regarding writing an email go to the nPOPuk Support site here.

Choose the account from which you would like to send an email. Tap the New mail icon. (Envelope)

  1. The Property window will show.
  2. Fill in the To field and the Subject field. Tap OK.
  3. Write the email.
  4. Tap the Save and Mark icon. (Envelope with red arrow.)

Go to Outbox.

  1. Notice the asterisk in front of Outbox, meaning there is an unsent message.
  2. Notice the red arrow to the left of the message, meaning it is marked to send.
  3. Next time the Update account arrow is tapped, if online, the message will be sent.
  4. At the bottom notice there is 1 message viewed, and 1 message unsent.
  5. Tap the Update account icon to send, once online.

[Top]   Edit as new

Go to Outbox:
  1. Once an email is sent, the Mail already sent icon is at the left of the message. This message is no longer a draft message, but now it is a sent message.
  2. Tap-n-hold on the sent message.
  3. One of the options is Edit as new, which allows a person to resend the same message to the same people, to edit the message and send to the same people, or to change the recipients and send the same message.
  4. Tap this option.
  5. The message looks as before, ready to edit or to mark for sending.
  6. Tap the Property icon.
  7. This window also looks as before.
  8. Tap the Recipients button.
  9. Add or change recipients, then tap OK.
  10. Add attachments, or change Subject, then Tap OK to edit email.

[Top]   Addressing by category

Go to an email being edited.
  1. Go to the Property window.
  2. Go to the Recipients window.
  3. Type the name of a category in the Address field. (Category names must not have spaces.)
  4. Tap the Spacebar.
  5. All the contacts in the Category are now in the Address field.
  6. Tap Bcc.
  7. The contacts are now placed in the Bcc field.
  8. Tap ok and then OK to write email.

[Top]   Adding attachments

Go to the Property window of an email being written.
  1. Notice the asterisk after Recipients if there are addresses in Cc or Bcc.
  2. Tap Attach.
  3. This is the Attachment window, ready to add any number of attachments.
  4. Tap Add.
  5. Browse to the attachment wanted.
  6. Highlight the attachment wanted.
  7. Tap ok.
  8. Repeat by tapping Add as many times as wanted to add attachments to the email.
  9. Tap ok.
  10. Notice the asterisk after Attach, showing there is an attachment with the email.
  11. Tap OK.
  12. The attachment shows after the Subject.
  13. Tap the Save and Mark icon. (Envelope with red arrow.)
  14. The message is marked to send at the next Update account action:

[Top]   Edit received mail when forwarding

Retrieving mail:
  1. Be sure the PPC/SP is online.
  2. Tap the Check account icon. (Single blue with yellow down-arrow.)
  3. A red dot on a new message envelope icon indicates this is a new message.
  4. A yellow envelope indicates the message is unread.
  5. Numbers at the bottom show how many messages are on the server, and how many in the mail list.
  6. To the right are 2-3 numbers, New message, Unread message, Unsent message. (There is no third number if there are no unsent messages waiting in the Outbox.)

To forward:

  1. Tap a message to open.
  2. Tap the Forward icon. (Envelope with blue arrow pointing forward.)
  3. Choose a recipient for the To field.
  4. Tap ok.
  5. The email can be cleaned up a little before sending, if there are > marks.
  6. Ctl+a will select all.
  7. Tap Edit.
  8. Tap Replace.
  9. Type > plus a space in the Find text field. Leave the Replace field empty.
  10. Tap Replace all.
  11. If other > marks are showing, repeat the Replace process.
  12. Tap OK.
  13. Select all, then Edit > Reflow to eliminate short lines. (May need to do this one paragraph at a time.)
  14. Tap the Save and Mark icon. (Envelope with the red arrow.)
  15. Messages ready to send at the next Update account action have red arrows in front of them in the Outbox.

[Top]   "Save and Mark" vs "Save to Outbox"

Open a message waiting to be sent.
  1. Tap the Save and Mark icon. (Envelope with red arrow.)
  2. Go to Outbox. Notice the red arrow indicating the message is marked to be sent, and will be sent at the next Update account action.
  3. >Tap this email to open again.
  4. Tap the Save to Outbox icon. (Envelope with disk symbol.)
  5. Go to Outbox, and notice the red arrow is missing. Now the message is a draft, waiting to be edited or marked for sending. It will not send on the next Update account action, until it is marked for sending:

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