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Page updated 16 October 2012

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We hope you can find the answers to any questions you may have about nPOPuk from this site. The Search Site and Site Map pages may prove useful if you are having problems. Should you not be able to find the answer you seek, then either browse or use the search the box on our Forum. Finally, register and post your query on the Forum.

Not only may you use the forum in the conventional way, via the web, it is also possible to "subscribe" to it or any area within it. As a subscriber, not only will you receive copies of all posts via email, but you will also be able to use email to post new topics and reply to messages found in the "User Support" and "User Tips" areas of the forum. See the FAQ for further information. For example, those wishing only to receive notifications, by email, of new releases should subscribe to the New Release Annoucements area.

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