Setting up nPOPuk

Page updated 3 September 2009

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nPOPuk is a simple program to install to install and set up. Just download the ZIP file and open it, copy the program file to a suitable location and run it. When you do this for the first time, a Welcome dialogue will open, providing an option to create your first account using a template file rather than completing all necessary settings manually. (Full details are on the Installation page.)

Once that task is done, some further customising may be helpful. An overview of the options are given below:

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There are two kinds of Mailbox - Accounts and Saveboxes.

An account is a Mailbox that links with remote SMTP and POP3 servers.  It is through these that mail is sent and received. Incoming mail deleted from an account will be deleted from the server. Similarly, if another program deletes mail from a server, then that mail will also be deleted from the account after nPOPuk next synchronises with the server.

A Savebox is a Mailbox to which mail can be moved or copied as, or after, it is retrieved from the server. A Savebox has no direct link with a remote server. Mail in a Savebox will be retained after the copy at the server is deleted.

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The Account Settings dialogue holds settings for each account. If there is more than one account, select the desired account before opening the dialogue by selecting its InBox from the drop-down list under the main window toolbar. Setting include:

To access the dialogue open the MAILBOX menu and select Edit... The dialogue appears.

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The only setting for a Savebox is its name. This is adjusted through the Rename Savebox dialogue.

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The Global Options dialogue controls overall program behaviour, e.g.:

To access the dialogue, open the FILE menu and select Global Options....

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The options set in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS and GLOBAL OPTIONS dialogues are written to the nPOPuk.ini file. Advanced users may care to edit this file directly, as further options, not accessible any other way, can be set by editing the file. The nPOPuk.ini page provides further information.

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Again, for more advanced users, nPOPuk can be made to start ready to send a new e-mail. Almost all of the message headers and contents can be pre-defined through the execution of Command Line Options.

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