Sending Mail FAQs

Page updated 24 August 2009

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I can send mail when I am at home but not when I'm attached to the network at work, although I can read incoming mail and browse the web!

By convention, servers will not forward mail to another network's SMTP server. Accordingly, a change in the way you connect to the Internet will almost certainly require a change in the SMTP server you use. Change the server name for the account that will not send mail to that of the SMTP server of the network to which you are connected.

Even with this change further restrictions on that server may prevent mail that does not come from a "local" address from being sent. Conventional ISPs normally do allow up to five items of mail to be sent in any one SMTP session. However, it is possible that the network administrators at your work will have even tighter controls. If so, it will be impossible to send mail except from an account using a company address.

Setting SMTP server names is described on the Installation page.

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When I try to send mail to the SMTP server, nPOPuk shows the error: "Address format error". How do I solve this problem?

This rather incomplete message refers to your own address entered on "Mail address:" line of the SMTP tab of the Account Settings dialogue. The most likely cause is wrong punctuation or an incomplete address.

For example, the following addresses would all produce this error:

I make a successful connection to the internet, but when I try to check my mail or update an account, I get the Error message: "Unable to find email server". How do I solve this problem?

When you download or send mail, nPOPuk needs to resolve the POP3 and SMTP server names you have entered on the Account Settings dialogue, and turn each of them into an IP (Internet Protocol) address (a set of four numbers separated by dots). This message tells you that it has failed to find the domain names you have supplied at the Domain Name Server it has interrogated.

In every case reported so far, this error message appeared because the server names have not been entered accurately. Please check your entries again!

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