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To download nPOPuk v2.12, select the link for the platform on which you wish to install nPOPuk.

CAUTION: If upgrading from the original nPOP take care to read Section 5 on the "readme" file included in the download archive.

If you need to access servers using Secure Sockets Layer you will also need to download the additional SSL Libraries.

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Starting with version 2.12, nPOPuk can read "internet setup files", which your Internet service provider may give you. These files, with an extension .ins, typically contain the POP3 and SMTP server IP addresses, as well as your e-mail address. Some even contain your password (in clear text!). In addition, the nPOPuk development team has assembled a few sample setup files for some popular mail providers. These contain the server information, but, of course, not your username. You may edit the file to insert your username, or type the name into nPOPuk after it reads the rest of the information from the file.



Sample showing all values that nPOPuk can read from the file

NOTE: Current versions of Windows have an automatic action associated with files ending in .ins; take care not to inadvertently double-click on one of these files!

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If you plan to use nPOPuk with servers which use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols, such as GMail/GoogleMail accounts, you will need additional files placed in your program folder along with nPOPuk.exe.  These can be downloaded direct from Tomoaki's (Japanese) site, via the links below:

Win32 (For Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP) (540kb)

Windows CE 3.0, Pocket PC (StrongARM, XScale) (484kb)

Windows CE 3.0, Pocket PC (MIPS) (619kb)

Windows CE 3.0, Pocket PC (SH-3) (522kb)

The following archive contains only the npopssl.dll wrapper for the ARM, MIPS, SH-3 and SH-4 platforms.

Windows CE 2.11 (13kb)

To get a working system the OpenSSL files must be obtained from elsewhere on the web. (Blame the US restrictions on the export of certain technologies for this issue!)

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The source code for nPOPuk v2.12 is combined in a single archive for all the supported platforms. (512kb)

In addition, DLLs are required for SSL/TLS connections. One freely-available source is The OpenSSL Project. The source code is available here, but compiled DLLs are not available from the OpenSSL Project. The developers of nPOPuk are presently working on a version of nPOPuk with built-in SSL support, using OpenSSL 0.9.8k. A snapshot of that code is archived here.

openssl-0.9.8k.tar.gz (3762kb)

For Windows CE platforms (HPC, PPC, SP), the wcecompat library is also required. It used to be available from but that site is now inactive. The source code we used is here: (82kb)

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Development versions of nPOPuk are usually posted to the npopsupport Yahoo! group. However, in this special case, we are making "release candidate 1" of nPOPuk 2.13 available to the general public. These binaries are a good bit larger than the previous ones, because
* This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project
* for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (
* This product includes cryptographic software written by
* Eric Young (

It is no longer necessary to download the OpenSSL DLLs for your platform.

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The source code for nPOPuk v2.13rc1 is combined in a single archive for all the supported platforms. Per US Export Administration Regulations (EAR), strong encryption can be exported as long as the source code is publicly available (License Exception TSU) and proper notification has been made. Note that the actual encryption code is not in this zip archive, but downloadable from the previous section. (569kb)

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