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Page updated 24 August 2009

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The Address Information dialogue is accessed from the Mail View window (Menu: FILE > ADDRESS INFORMATION... Keyboard: CTRL+I).

The Address Information Dialogue

The dialogue shows all addresses from the header area of the message. Apart from revealing information not viewable in the main Mail View window, the addresses shown can be used to send mail or populate nPOPuk's address book.

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First select one or more addresses from the list. (Hold the CTRL key while clicking to select additional addresses. Hold the SHIFT key to select a block of addresses.).

To send mail, click the "New mail" button or "Reply" button as appropriate. The selected addresses will appear in the "To:" line of the Property dialogue that appears as part of the process creating the message.

Go to TopTo Add to the Address Book

Select the required addresses and click the "Address book" button.

A dialogue appears with option buttons that allow you to move directly to the Address Book's Add Address dialogue. This is the recommended action as it allows you to edit the name and address details to give a consistent format to your address data. You can also add a comment and group data at the same time, which all make later address retrieval easier. If more than one address has been selected, each address is presented in turn in the Add Address dialogue.

Prompt to edit addresses to add to Address Book 

Clicking "No" will accept the addresses as presented. Clicking "Cancel" abandons the operation to add the addresses to the Address Book.

TIP: Although it is recommended that multiple addresses are not entered as a single entry into the Address Book, as it is better to use the Address Book's Group facility, here is a method of doing it:
Do not click the Address Book button. Instead start a new mail. Once the Property dialogue is open, select the addresses that are now in the To: line, copy them (CTRL+C), then click the To: button to open the Address Book. Click the Add button and then paste (CTRL+V) the addresses into the top line of the dialogue. Add any descriptive comment and group information, before clicking the OK button. Once returned to the Property dialogue cancel the new mail.

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