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Page updated 29 November 2008

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30 Nov 2008
nPOPuk v2.11p1 is released. This patched version fixes a number of bugs that have been discovered. Versions for all platforms other than Win98 and WinCE2.x are uploaded and available from the Downloads page. This release also includes an nPOPuk.ini setting to avoid mail being deleted when GMail is having problems and erroneously reports 0 messages. The Features page records this as an addition to v2.11.
18 Sep 2008
nPOPuk v2.11 is released. All pages reviewed and updated where necessary. See the Features page for a summary of revisions to the program.
The following pages have new information or been revised to take account of the improvements: Awards, Program Features, Development History, Why Use nPOPuk, Installation, Mailboxes, Main Window,.
1 Feb 2008
On the Downloads page, the file is now documented as suitable for the WM6 platform as well as PocketPC2002, PocketPC2003 and WM5.0.
25 Jan 2008
On the Downloads page, the file sizes for v2.09 have been corrected.
17 Jan 2008
In the Set Up section, the Installation page has information added about the effects of Windows' "System Restore".
16 Jan 2008
The Features page has corrected information about coding fixes in v2.09 and, within that section, the History page now correctly reports the latest version as 2.09.
In the Set Up section, the nPOPuk.ini File page has a missing setting added and, linked from that page, the Commented ini File, revised for v2.09 has been uploaded.
In the Basic Usage section, the Keyboard Shortcut page has clarifications to some keystrokes and an additional keystroke documented.
15 Jan 2008
nPOPuk v2.09 is released. All pages reviewed and updated where necessary. See the Features page for a summary of revisions to the program.
The following pages have been revised to take account of the improvements: Main Window, MailBoxes, Writing Mail, Recipients Dialogue, Address Information, Place Holders, Address Book, Property Dialogue, Reading Mail, nPOPuk.ini File, Forthcoming Features and Downloads.
Other pages with added or changed detail include: Home Page, Keyboard Shortcuts, Global Options, Command Line Options, Site Map.
6 Nov 2007
In the Features section, the What's Coming page has further details about the next release.
In the FAQ section, there has been a minor change on the Miscellaneous page in the wording about Mail links in Browsers.
10 Oct 2007
Throughout the site, the links from the "Tip for Windows Mobile" icons have been adjusted to jump to the relevant point on the page.
5 Oct 2007
In the Controls section, new information about editing groups appears on the Address Book page and about changing the recipient type on the Recipients page.
In the Basic Usage section, a wrong link has been corrected on the Reading Mail page.
In the Set Up section, the nPOPuk.ini page has had a number of entries deleted, as in v2.08 the settings are now edited through the Global Options Dialogue.
2 Oct 2007
Within the Home section, a Site Search page has been added (Actually, it searches more than the site, see the search page for details!).  Outside the Home section, links to the page have been added throughout the site on the vertical menu.
On the Contact Us page, information about the Announcement List service has been added.
1 Oct 2007
nPOPuk v2.08 is released.  All pages reviewed and updated where necessary.  See the Features page for a summary of revisions to the program.
The following pages have been revised to take account of the improvements: Reading Mail, Writing Mail, nPOPuk.ini, Recipients Dialogue, Property Dialogue, Initialise Dialogue, Global Options, Address Book and Downloads.
Other pages with added or changed detail include: Home Page, Installation, Site Map, History, Why Use, Command Line Options, Program Controls and Mailboxes.
26 Jul 2007
On the Home Page, a link has been added to a site providing hints and tips for hand held users.
In the Setup section, the INI file page, near the link to the Commented INI file, has strengthened wording to discourage its editing.
15 Jul 2007
On the Global Options page, under the View tab, the description of the "Skip deleted  messages" options has been corrected.
14 Jul 2007
On the Global Options page missing text has been completed in the View tab section.
13 Jul 2007
nPOPuk v2.07 is released.  All pages reviewed and updated where necessary.  See the Features page for a list of revisions to the program.
16 Apr 2007
On the Downloads page, SSL library files have been added for the WinCE 2.11 platform.
19 Feb 2007
On the Downloads page, a Win98 version of the program has been added. This version should solve the problems reported by those running older versions of Windows.
29 Jan 2007
In the Setup section, the Account Settings page has been revised and renamed, Mailboxes. All links to this page throughout the site are revised correspondingly.
26 Jan 2007
nPOPuk v2.04 is released.
In the Home section, the Awards page now contains some User Comments.
In the Features section, the Features page records the facilities in the new version, and the Development History page has added information.
In the Setup section, on the Global Options page, there is revised wording to the paragraph on Scanning for unread mail. The INI file page describes new settings: Version=, ViewCloseNoNext=, ViewNextAfterDel= and ViewSkipDeleted=0 and provides more information about the DataFileDir= and ViewFileSuffix= settings. A revised copy of the Commented nPOPuk.ini file has been uploaded. The Command Line Options page has been substantially re-written, with much additional material about new options.
In the Basic Usage section, on the Main Window page, the File menu paragraph describes a new Backup option. There is a new Transfer Menu on the Mail View window. There is additional information about the window's Toolbar and further clarifications and corrected links.
The Downloads page now contains links to v2.04!
18 Jan 2007
On the nPOPuk.ini page, the AttachDelete= entry has revised information. A revised copy of the Commented nPOPuk.ini file has been uploaded.
11 Jan 2007
In the Controls section, the Initialise page has been re-written, with additional information.
A number of minor errors (e.g. spelling mistakes, references to "nPOP.ini" and the "Account" menu and an old image of the Global Options, Other Tab) throughout the site have been corrected or updated.
9 Jan 2007
The Contact Us form got broken in the site update. This is now corrected.
8 Jan 2007
The site is updated to document the first public release of nPOPuk (v2.00). Many pages throughout the site are changed to describe the new facilities.

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2 Nov 2006
Oops! Forgot to update the Site Map page, to include the additional FAQ pages. That is now corrected.
Also made some adjustments to the CSS file, as Internet Explorer 7 did not like to old code. (The block containing the page name obscured the main "nPOP" title on every page.)
31 Oct 2006
The Mail Checker page has been removed and its contents distributed over other pages. This has mean minor changes to the Why Use, Site Map and Installation pages.
The Writing Mail, Checking the Server and Global Options pages have additional information concerning the System Tray icon.
The F.A.Q page has been divided into four sections, covering Sending Mail, Receiving Mail, Writing Mail and Miscellaneous. An additional answer appears on the Receiving Mail page covering setting up nPOP as a Mail Checker.
23 Oct 2006
On the Main Window page, in the Account Menu section, corrections have been made to the description of Sort by icon function, and in the Icons section, details of the new Reply and Forward overlays for message icons have been added and other minor amendments to the text made.
On the Keyboard Shortcuts page, in the Mail Edit window section, corrected and additional information has been added to the information on Saving and Sending mail.
On the Read Mail page, more information has been added to explain how to view full message headers in the Window and Extended Edit Menu sections of the page.
On the Write Mail page, the sections on Reply and Forward have been completely re-written, and include more information on full message headers.
The Property page now includes links back to the New Mail, Reply and Forward sections on the Write Mail page.
On the Forthcoming Features page, the Plans section has been re-written. Items already included in the current release have been deleted. Further items have been added
20 Oct 2006
The site is completely rebuilt to cover the release of nPOP 108uk5 (The fifth UK version based on Tomoaki's v1.0.8 base code). The page count has been increased, as much of the information that used to appear on a single page is now split across a number of pages. The page font is changed and a more comprehensive menu system is introduced to make it easier to navigate the site. An nPOP icon now appears in the browser Address bar and related locations.

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18 Aug 2006
The list of items on the Issues page has been extended, with clarifications added to some of the existing items.
17 Aug 2006
Further detail added to the nPOP.ini page concerning the TimeZone= setting. Ideas from the users wishlist has been added to the Issues page.
15 Aug 2006
The whole site has been reworked to cover the latest v1.0.8.uk4 build of the program. There is a new page describing Command Line Options, added answers on the FAQ page and a re-organised nPOP.ini page.

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25 Feb 2005
Whole Site: The menu no longer appears when pages from the site are printed. The technique used should also mean that text is not lost from pages because of margin issues in popular browsers.
Home Page: Minor improvements to the wording.
Global Options Page: Further details about "Disable Warning Popup Boxes" option.
FAQ Page: Fuller description of the "tinySpell" spell checker.
24 Feb 2005
The second major rebuild of the site is launched. All pages on the site have changes.
The site now documents nPOPw v1.0.1.4 Beta2. This is the most recent build (December 2003) by Matthew Pattman, and is currently the most developed "UK" version.
However, Matthew's own site has recently gone down and his source code is currently "missing". The Downloads Page has links to the latest available source code and the latest available executables for all platforms.

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18 Nov 2003
On the nPOP.ini page, corrected information on the default date format in the mail folders. Added information on how to control the selected item when opening a folder and further information on how to sort folders
On the Downloads page, strengthened the wording about running the Pocket PC 2002 version under Pocket PC 2003.
6 Nov 2003
On the Writing Mail page, added further information about Command Line parameters. Added information about this to the Known Issues page.
Added further information to the nPOP.ini page concerning the control of external viewer and external editor applications.
15 Sep 2003
On the Downloads page, added a note of each file's size, added a note to download processor specific versions (where necessary) and added a note requesting feedback from PocketPC 2003 users, who should be able to use the PocketPC 2002 version.
14 Sep 2003
On the Frequently Asked Questions page updated the Licence, Disappearing Mail and Error Messages sections to reflect the "UK fix-1" versions of the software.
On the Writing Mail page added details on use of command line parameters with nPOP.
1 Sep 2003
On the Known Issues page added an item to the Bugs section about using the nPOP.ini setting to enlarge font sizes. Added a link to the entry on the nPOP.ini page under the LVFontSize= setting.
25 Aug 2003
On the nPOP.ini page, further information has been added about the LvFontSize= setting.
22 Aug 2003
On the Account Settings page, replaced the image showing the Connect tab to show the correct text.
On the page, added links to the references to the Account Settings page in the Options and Adding Accounts sections.
13 Aug 2003
A complete rebuild of the site! New items appear on the main menu. Every page is changed to some extent, to refer to the new "locally produced" versions of nPOP. Direct access to these is now provided through a Downloads page. The original author's version is no longer supported through the site, but discussion remains "on-topic" on the site's associated mail list.

Go to TopHistory of the Original Site...

5 Aug 2003
Made minor revisions to the site's Home page.
Re-worded the description of the function of the Mail List. It now specifically includes supporting users of all English Language versions of nPOP, its derivatives, and support utilities and support of the development of improved English Language versions for all platforms.
Added new sections to the FAQ page covering spell checking (with links to a recommended program) and the error message "Failed in the IP address acquisition".
8 Apr 2003
Strengthened or added information about mail list to the Home, Newcomers and Feedback pages as an updated UK version of the program has been provided by a subscriber to the list and downloadable only by subscribers.
18 Mar 2003
Added information about entries in the nPOP.ini file which affect reply addresses and the blind copy sent to self. Edited the Account Settings and Writing Mail pages to reflect this new information.
13 Feb 2003
Documented an issue concerned with Folders technique, described on the F.A.Q. page.
12 Feb 2003
Expanded the Attachments answer on the F.A.Q. page. Added information about clickable URLs in the Mail View Window section of the Reading Mail page. Added information about the function of the URLApp= setting to the nPOP.ini File page.
27 Jan 2003
Information added to the F.A.Q. page on how to make Web Browser mail links open nPOP and how to stop nPOP discarding mail from the InBox when checking for new mail. On the Option Dialogue page, under the RECV tab section, made minor clarifications to the description of the Mail list save option On the Main Window page, under the Account Menu section, made minor clarifications to the description of the Initialize dialogue. (Made a link to a new entry about this on the Issues page.) Reordered the Mail List Icons. Added a new graphic to enhance the description of the Status Line.
23 Jan 2003
Further information added to the Known Issues and nPOP.ini pages on the external editor bug.
19 Jan 2003
Moved and re-worded the "There's no..." section of the Newcomers page, placing it higher on the page and renaming it What's Missing
18 Jan 2003
New items have been added to the F.A.Q. page covering an nPOP Manual and reading attachments. Minor changes, about attachments, have also been added to the Newcomers page.
15 Jan 2003
Minor clarifications in the introductory text of the nPOP.ini page and wording to some of the entries on that page.
13 Jan 2003
Added further information to nPOP.ini page, covering use of relative file paths for various settings, "\t" under "ViewFileHeader=", and the "-" date separator. Added a link to the nPOPQ home page to the There's no... section of the Start page.
9 Jan 2003
Added further information under Navigation and Message Management in the Main Window section of the Keyboard Shortcuts page. Identified bugs which allow sent mail to be edited and prevents use of an editor with a multi-document interface. These are recorded on the Known Issues page. The first is linked from the Mail Edit Window section of the Write Mail page. The second is linked from the nPOP.ini page.
8 Jan 2003
Added links to the appropriate section of the Keyboard Shortcuts page from the pages which describe the Main, View and Edit windows.
7 Jan 2003
Added a new Keyboard Shortcuts page, linked from the Site Map page. (Removed reference to this as a forthcoming feature from the F.A.Q. page.)
3 Jan 2003
Added a major section to the F.A.Q. page on printing messages, together with supporting details on the nPOP.ini page. Added information on the mis-spellings in nPOP.ini to the Known Issues page.
2 Jan 2003
Information about sorting the Savebox has been added to the nPOP Window page. The related entries has been updated on the nPOP.ini page.
31 Dec 2002
Removed the F.A.Q.s item (The page still exists!) from the main menu on every page, and replaced it with a link to a new Site Map page. This is, in effect, a site map, listing all pages on the site with a summary of each page's contents. Completely re-organised the Known Issues page into three sections, Bugs, Features and Wish List, updating all links to these issues throughout the site. Minor re-working of the Using nPOP page. Mention is now made of the Site Map and F.A.Q.s pages on the Feedback page.
30 Dec 2002
The Frequently Asked Questions page has a question about an error message added. Items previously "under construction" on the General Options page are now complete.
24 Dec 2002
Completed the Main Window page. Noted a problem with deleting accounts on the Known Issues page. A number of new illustrations added to the Check Mail, Write Mail and Update Server pages.
23 Dec 2002
Created a new Frequently Asked Questions page. Altered the fixed menu throughout the site to show a F.A.Q.s item to replace Known Issues which continues to be maintained.
22 Dec 2002
Completed the bulk of the Options dialogue page. The Update page has been completed explaining the processes for sending, retrieving and deleting mail. Minor wording changes to reflect the completed Update page appear on the Write Mail and Read Mail pages. Appropriate links to the update page have been added to the Using nPOP page. Further information appears, on the Checking Mail page, about new mail in more than one account. Further information about the sent mail icon has been added to the Main Window page. A further Issue has been documented.
20 Dec 2002
Information about the "StartHide" setting has been added to the nPOP.ini page. A File Attach bug has been noted on the Write and Known Issues pages.
19 Dec 2002
Minor clarifications made to the Address Book page. The Using nPOP page has been restructured and simplified.
18 Dec 2002
Added information about use of the wild card to the Filters section on the Accounts Settings page. Added information about sites covering Asian language versions of nPOP to the Why use nPOP section of the Newcomers page.
17 Dec 2002
The Reply and Check sections of the Options page is now complete. Other minor additions to the wording of the , general Options and Write pages have been made to clarify explanations and allow easier navigation between these pages.
16 Dec 2002
Information about the Program's author has been added to the Index page. The Write Mail page has been completed and now contains sections on Replying and Forwarding mail and the menus are now fully described. Some further text about saving attachments has been added to the Read page section on Multi-Part mail. Tidied the paragraph spacing on the Why nPOP section of the Newcomers page.
14 Dec 2002
Corrected the explanation of the dialogue checkbox "Under connection, it reconnects" on the Install page. The corrected information appears on the Account Settings page.
13 Dec 2002
Corrected the original date (28 Nov 2002) given for site publication throughout the site. Added some introductory remarks to the Known Issues page, explaining its status. Placed an explanation of the dialogue checkbox "Under connection, it reconnects" on the Install page.
12 Dec 2002
Site initially published covering the Win32 version of nPOP Ver 1.0.1, released 29 October 2002.

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