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Page updated 1 September 2009

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Over the years subscribers to the npopsupport mail list have suggested a number of ideas to improve the program, and many have already been incorporated in the current release.

This page is reserved for announcements about issues expected to be resolved and enhancements to be added to the next release of nPOPuk. It will also flag issues under consideration for work in the longer term.

As nPOPuk is programmed by volunteers, there are no promises about when, or even if, these ideas will be implemented, but if you don't suggest them, the programmers may miss a great idea.

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The next release is already being worked on.  Potential new facilities include:

Support for Internet setup files
ISPs often provide Internet setup files (*.ins) that contain the mail server information that nPOPuk needs; the next version of nPOPuk will be able to read these files. Sample files will be available for GoogleMail/GMail, Hotmail, and others.
Built-in SSL Libraries
Building in SSL would make it possible to put all the nPOPuk versions on a USB flash drive, insert the device and run on all the supported devices. US Export laws indicate that this is allowed, as long as the source code for the encryption software is publicly available.
Attaching files
List only the filename dialogue box and go back to left-justification when a long path name won't push the file name off the edge of the dialogue box.
Other platforms
A SmartPhone has been donated, and Christian Ghisler has supplied some code to make the menus operable with the "soft keys".
Support via E-Mail
An integrated facility to send support questions via e-mail in addition to the web-based form at Contact the Support Team

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Command Line Options
The current mailto: syntax does not conform to the RFC even where it could. Future versions of nPOPuk may alter the syntax to better conform to the RFC.
Mail Import/Export
It is hoped to provide some external utilities that will allow the exchange of mail data between nPOPuk and other popular e-mail programs.
The current version supports ROT-13 for disguising the plain text content of nPOPuk's data files. Others go further and request full scale encryption, however, this is proving a more complex task than expected.

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