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Page updated 18 September 2008

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ITM Praktiker Award for nPOP uk - 2007

nPOPuk is the best of its category and platform for the year 2007 as a result of the test experience of the experts in the field of hand-held software of the editorial staff of ITM praktiker (Austria)."

NOTE: This award was made for nPOP108uk5. The nPOPuk v2 series is still better!

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ITM Praktiker Awards for nPOP - 2005 ITM Praktiker Awards for nPOP - 2005 ITM Praktiker Award for nPOP uk fix - 2006

Various earlier versions of nPOP, supported by this site, were granted awards by the same magazine in 2005 and 2006.

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Floppy Office Logo

Not an award as such, but we were pleased to be told by the compilers of the Floppy Office suite that nPOPuk was to be part of the package being distributed by  Here's what they say about nPOPuk:

Tiny USB Office Logo

"nPOPuk is a full featured email client (a far improved version of the brilliant nPOP itself), which as it is, can almost replace MS Outlook Express. It supports authentication, address book, multiple POP accounts and much more!"

The Floppy Office bundle has been expanded to become Tiny USB Office.  It also includes nPOPuk as the only e-mail client included in the package.

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Here are just a handful of comments from users of earlier versions of nPOPuk...

I have been using nPop for years on an HP iPAQ 4700. IMHO it is the ultimate email client for Windows Mobile. I have also taken to using it for the last year or two on Win32; not as my main email client I will admit, but, as a program which is extremely portable and extraordinarily fast, I find it very useful when I am 'on the road'. I can run it on my own laptop but it is also dead easy to take a USB flash copy and run it on a hotel or internet cafe computer.

May I congratulate Geoffrey and the team for their brilliant work in taking the program forward in such a professional manner, building on Tomoaki's original Japanese version (which I started with). I have used most if not all the 'UK' versions over recent years and am delighted that the project is still going strong and what's more the program is still free.

You will have seen very few (if any) postings in here from me, despite having been a member for ages, as I can rarely, if ever, remember having a problem (and others are better at making feature requests...).


"What a major upgrade this is! And this on the basis of examining only a few of the new features!
* Multiple Saveboxes -- a wonderful feature.
* Moving/Copying between Mailboxes and Saveboxes -- a convenience enhancement.
* "Rudimentary" parsing of html-only messages ... -- works well; you are too modest.

David Dollevoet

... this really is very good indeed! Thanks for your time in modding this; if only all freeware developed this way. I also think this is a very receptive community to be involved with.

I'm very conscious of the improvements you have made in the handling of attachments (the file dialogue and the ability to now forward them easily) and the HTML parsing, which is fantastic. (I haven't yet explored the filter/Savebox mods.)

Congratulations again - this is a real leap forward.


By the way, I love nPop. I have tried others and this is still the best and fastest. It allows me to easily read my email while on the road and also I can remove it from the server, if I want, so I do not have to read it again when I get back to the office.


Congratulations on release 2.0, and thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into this work of art! In spite of its minuscule size and unpretentious look, nPOPuk is a very fine, full-fledged e-mail client that everyone should consider using.


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